I am deeply involved in promoting science communication and increasing engagement in astronomy and science more broadly for both students and member of the general public. For my efforts, I was recognized as an AAS Astronomy Ambassador, where I received additional training to augment the impact and reach of my outreach efforts.

Increasing Access and Promoting Student and Public Engagement

Teaching a seminar in Shanghai, China during the Harvard Summit for Young Leaders in China.
HSYLC, Shanghai, China

Generating enthusiasm for science is an incredibly important aspect of outreach. I often speak to younger students to introduce them to the most exciting aspects of modern astronomy. Memorable experiences include a hands-on astrochemistry activity I designed as part of the Science Research Mentoring Program at the Cambridge Rindge and Latin School and as a Seminar Leader for the Harvard Summit for Young Leaders in China, where I developed and led a two-week-long astronomy course.

Presenting to students at JFK Middle School during a Flipped Science Fair.
Flipped Science Fair, JFK Middle School

I also greatly enjoying sharing astronomy with the general public, and I am a volunteer for the Observatory Nights held at the Center for Astrophysics. I have also given several public talks at local astronomy clubs including the Gloucester Area, North Shore, and Union County College/Amateur Astronomers, Inc. clubs, as well as continuing education organizations such as the Beacon Hill Seminars.

Beacon Hill Seminars

I serve as a course coordinator for the “Unveiling the Cosmos” weekly seminar for the Beacon Hill Seminars organization, where we recruit speakers from the Center for Astrophysics to introduce cutting-edge astrophysical topics to continuing education learners. The course was recently featured in a local community newspaper.


I am a member of the Astrobites collaboration and was an active, on-rotation author and editor from 2018-2020. Each month, I wrote a summary article about a recently-published astronomy paper on arXiv, translating the scientific and technical jargon to a more accessible verison aimed for the general public and undergraduate students. A full listing of my Astrobites posts can be found here, three of which have been featured on AAS Nova.